Your perfect vehicle is closer than you think. Pegacar will lead you
right to it.

Started in beautiful Boise, Idaho, Pegacar is a new concept in car buying based on consumer convenience and empowerment. It's fast becoming America's choice for the best deals on local cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and motorcycles.
Pegacar applies the convenience of internet research to the way people really buy cars: locally.

It's not a deal if you waste
a tank of gas to find it.

Pegacar makes the local vehicle buying process more efficient by showing you the biggest local selection of cars and trucks. Everything's close to home. You could say it's the car buying equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.

If you've been doing your car research online using the other sites, you're missing out on up to 30% of the available inventory. Those cars are simply never advertised on the other sites. By exposing the hidden inventory available locally, Pegacar empowers car buyers to shop more efficiently and find a deal that's as good — or better than they'd get by driving miles out of their way or all over town looking for a car.

Go where the cars are.

Pegacar's local focus gives you access to the largest database of local inventory currently available. Our database is constantly updated, so the cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and motorcycles you see on pegacar.com are available and ready to test drive.

Pegacar creates a personalized map of your favorite cars. As you add cars to your "Drive by Cart" you get a map showing each car's location relative to your home address. The shortest route to your perfect car starts with the shortest route to all local dealers that have that car.

With Pegacar you empower yourself with information, not money spent on gas and lots of driving hours. Find your car, get the best deal, grab the keys and drive away happy. Pegacar offers car buyers more cars closer to home than any other source.